Saturday, December 14, 2002


Wa-Hey-Hey! Your mate Robber Rabbit here, storming the Penguin's not-so-secret Underground Bunker and rescuing the Boss Duck from the clutches of his evil flippers. An' right in the nick of time too as the kettle was already on an' cookin' up a packet of boil-in-the-bag orange sauce.

"Hello ladies"

All them years of Special Forces training come in dead handy as me an' the lads from the Special Rabbit Squad went charging in, hurling in stun carrots and lettuce grenades before dragging Scary out to freedom. It wasn't pretty, they gave as good as they got and they went down fighting. War is hell, geezers, an' don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now, if there's any ladies out there who's easily impressed by a gun-toting genuine cockney hero rabbit with a less than sparkling criminal record, I'd be more than happy to show you me priceless collection of ear warmers. Some of which I may have even paid for. Sorted!


Woo! Yay! We're on Popjustice!.

Double Woo! Yay! The lovely Pinky quite likes us as well.

Boo! Nay! That bloody penguin gets everywhere. The Chosen One is born. We'll never hear the last of this.

Back to Scaryduck. And Robber Rabbit.

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