Thursday, April 15, 2004

Not the Thursday vote-o

Another packed personal schedule this week, so another story imposed on you in a travesty of the democratic process. So, tomorrow will be Space Dust, which I shall dedicate to my brother-in-law who reckons I've got to scrape the barrel sooner or later. This one's for you, mate, and I promise never to call your wheels a "second division footballer's car" again.

Scaryduck’s ‘Did You Know...?’ No. 319

Comedy Manchester United defenders Gary and Phillip Neville's father is called (and I kid you not) Neville Neville. So impressed was rock icon David Bowie at this news, he immediately sat down and wrote a song about him:

"Neville Neville put on your dress
Neville Neville your face is a mess
Neville Neville how could they know?
Hot Tramp I love you so!"

Fifteen Years

And while footie's at the top of my mind, today marks the fifteenth anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster, where ninety-six Liverpool supporters died at a football match in Sheffield. Fifteen years of closing of ranks and those responsible have still not been held to account. A much over-used phrase, but Lest we Forget.

The Scaryduck Archive

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