Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pie: Woe

Pie: Woe

Yesterday, I rang a phone number in Manchester.

“Hello, Breville”, said the girl in the press office.

“Is that the same Breville that makes useful kitchen appliances?” I asked.

“The very same.”

“Where can I get a Breville Pie Magic, then?”

“You can’t.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“You can’t. We stopped making them several years ago.”


“I’m sorry. There just wasn’t the market.”




I found a couple on Ebay, but who in their right mind would pie a second-hand pie machine? It's had other people's pie in it and would be like using someone else's underpants as a tea strainer.

Perhaps you might like to join me on my crusade to force Breville to restart production of the Pie Magic. A much-missed addition to any kitchen, I am sure you'll agree, and if we can get pie-supremo Fraser on our side, our crust is as good as glazed.

Anyone can use a sandwich toaster – often to devastating effect – the Pie Magic is the kitchen implement that separates Homo Sapiens from Homo Superior.

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