Thursday, January 26, 2006



"Send more money and fish"

Loyal reader German Tony confessed yesterday that he comes to this site to be entertained by my shining wit and my endless stream of endless catchphrases. Like "poo", and …err… that's it. And here-in lies a dreadful confession. I have no actual catchphrases.

All my best one-liners, however, have been shamelessly stolen from other people. And!

"What could possibly go wrong?", "This thread worthless without pictures" are both well-known Farkisms, whilst all that "Done a poo" and "xxxx-me-up" business was ruthlessly pilfered from the warped mind of Mr Biffo. Take out all the ones that poor, dead S. Milligan isn't using any more, then I am, sadly, completely catchphrased out.

So, help a poor Duckuss. If BBC Three can come up with a whole slew of dreadful catchphrase driven "comedy", you lot should find it a doddle. "Free beer, money and sex for every entrant.*"


* Beer, money and sex offer open only to residents of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, closes 19th October 1968.

Vote. No.

Here for the Thursday vote-o?


You're four days late. This week we have been mostly holding a greatest hits vote-o o' doom for the bestest Scary Story ever, which is looking like an increasingly futile attempt to get the Kate Winslet story published again. So, get over there, and vote Winslet up. As many times as you can. Now.

Free beer, money and se... oh, what's the point?

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