Thursday, May 18, 2006



And now for something completely terrible. It's the Thursday vote-o, only with pictures. Lawks, I bring you ScaryVision, where your narrator is unable to say the word "inaugural". Why-oh-why did I not just say "first"?

And yes, this is a direct result of my attendance at this blogging conference, for which I am truly sorry. Prepared to be underwhelmed by the BAFTA-nominated* production values.

If you can't see it, clicky here.

For the dial-up, firewalled or technologically challenged, I'd advise you to buy a new computer and vote on tomorrow's Scary Story from this list:

* First Aid: A tale of woe
* Food Fight: A tale of mirth
* Inferno: A tale of mirth and woe
* Take a Break: Neither mirth nor woe
* Seance: Woe, and thrice woe

Well? Vote-me-do!

* BAFTA: Bloody Awful Film and Television Awards

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