Thursday, June 01, 2006

Inappropriate Productions present again, again

Inappropriate Productions present again, again

We've done Nazi television, we've done Soviet television, and Gods it was excellent if I say so myself.

And now, Inappropriate Productions sponsored by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh throws political correctness to the four winds and asks "What's on Chinese TV this week?" I am particularly looking forward to Hong Kong Phooey - Number One Special Economic Zone Guy.

* The Egg Foo Yung Ones
* Stars in their Slitty Eyes (Don't blame me, this is one of Misty's)
* The Weakest Chink (and you can blame Nigle for this one)

* Tianenmen Street
* FarEastEnders
* Five Year Plan-et of the Apes

* Doctor Fu
* Ming Dynasty
* Subtle one, this: 24 (Special Fried Rice)

And from my layabout friends in Another Place:

* Peking Practice
* Jackie Channel 4 News
* Szechuan Foot in the Grave

* Teriyaki & June
* Quantum Reap, or Quantum Great Leap Forward
* The Applentice

* Peking Up Appearances
* Shanghai-de-Hi!
* Dad's Terracotta Army

Suggest me up!

I'll never get served in the Lucky Golden Shower, ever again.

Thursday vote-o? Errr.... HEY! Look over there! Lightly-oiled Kate Humble! *legs it*

Serious Face

Q. Why shouldn't you wear Ukrainian underwear?
A. Because Chernobyl fallout.

TV's Mr Biffo recently visited the scene of the 1986 nuclear disaster. Read it: here.

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