Monday, January 14, 2013

Even the spammers can't be bothered these days

Dear Spammer

Look, if you can't even spell "Lloyds" correctly (and I don't blame you, I've been a customer for 30 years, and bless sweet, sweet baby Jesus for my autocorrect), I don't know why you even bothered sending this one out to me.

Frankly, if anybody falls for your inept attempt to gain access to their account, then they deserve to be robbed blind. And that goes to any customer of Braclays, Naw Test, HBSC and Stantander that you can rope in.

In fact, ever thought of a career at the Guardian?

Yours, without botherng with the spell-checker

Albert O'Balsam


LyleD4D said...

It's actually quite an interesting idiot-test - I saw a thing on it a while back.

Basically, if you've got spelling mistakes in the email, or Nigeria in the scam ones, and people still respond, you can pretty much guarantee that they're idiots, and thus more likely to go for your scam.

So it's almost like a pre-filtering exercise.

TRT said...

I have received genuine emails from banks and schools which have many errors in them. They too went straight into the bin.
Except the one from the school principal in November which ended "LOL! Look forwards 2 ceeing U at meet wiv VP on tuesday. BW, Emmsy. Principal, [your son's school]x" which got forwarded straight to Ofsted.