Thursday, January 03, 2013

This is what we did at Christmas

Christmas! To Beer in Devon with Jane's family for a holiday in a rented cottage.

One thing led to another, and we found that you could either have internet or dogs, and not both. After being told that leaving the dogs in a box with a load of meat to fend for themselves was not an approved position, we went with PLUS DOGS and high-gain wireless gear to ponce off the BT network.

And ponce we did, as well as spend most of the festive season clearing up after a small dog with a dicky bottom.

So to Christmas Day, and dinner with all the trimmings as you'd expect.

Myself, Jane and her parents in a frenzy of feeding and the finest wines known to humanity at the dining room table. Jane's little sister and the poopy dogs at the kiddie table.

Jane's sister did not know there was going to be a kiddie table.

Heather is thirty-four years old.

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TRT said...

Did you play family games? Like bumface?