Tuesday, March 05, 2013

At Last: A Use For Homeopathy

Dear Homeopathy,

My three-year-old boy was dull, lifeless and had no energy, spending whole days slumped in front of the television doing nothing.

But since I switched him over to a steady stream of homeopathic medicine in sugar pills, he's been bouncing off the walls!

In fact, he's had so many sugar pills, he's caused many thousands of pounds worth of damage to our home, in an orgy of sugar-pill fuelled destruction for which we are eternally grateful.

Please let us send you more money for those little sugary miracles!

We are certain that we wouldn't have seen such a dramatic cure from so-called "medicine", so I'll be lighting a celebratory ear candle to you all tonight!!!

Thank you homeopathy and your magic sugar pills with nothing in them!!!!

Mrs M. Easily-Led-By-Any-Old-Cobblers

"How about a cure for thirst?" says Jack on That There Twitter. And he's right. Homeopathy plus Vodka --- Drink enough and you'll forget what was wrong with you and why you've spent a small fortune on sugar pills.


TRT said...

Why are you so dead set against homeopathy, eh? You some kind of homeophobe?

Alistair Coleman said...

And if anybody accuses me of racism, the post below goes to illustrate that some of my dog is black

Anonymous said...

And lest we forget, a dog is man's best friend.