Friday, April 19, 2013

Gnu-stroke-Gun Photobomb

Never mind the devilry with the four-barrelled gun, Mr Amusingly-Waistcoasted Beefeater

What about that Wildebeest that's charging up behind you? It could be the first of an entire herd, and then you'd be in trouble. 

Have you not seen the Lion King?


Cash-in-hand Locksley said...

It's like I always say to my customers - your plasteroard's ok in the general scheme of things, but if you've got a charging gnu in the next room it could come straight through. Lucky this time that the wall studs were pitched close enough to stop it. Nah, hard brick's want you want there, squire. Stops 'em in their tracks (and gives 'em a headache they'll remember). See ya round, yeah?

Cash-in-hand Locksley said...

plasterBoard. Doh

Gonzoland said...

That's a Duck's Foot pistol.
Not a duck. Scary.