Friday, February 22, 2002

Scaryduck's Favourite Things: Part the First - Books. Read these books. NOW! NOW! NOW!

stephen king - the stand
Failing that, you could just use it as a doorstop

isaac asimov - the end of eternity
A fantastic, no, FANTASTIC story of love, fantasy, and mind-bending time-travel conundrums

f scott fitzgerald - the great gatsby
Who was Gatsby? Where did he come from? Where did he get his money? Where's the drink?

george orwell - 1984
So much of this book is happening now it's scary. Big Brother really is watching you. Now.

brett easton ellis - american psycho
Blood-crazed mass murderer or disturbed fantasist? You decide.

terry pratchett - men at arms
Larf-a-minute murder mystery by Britain's most-shoplifted author.

truman capote – in cold blood
Outstanding account of a real-life multiple murder - the victims, the detectives, the townsfolk, the accused. Superb detail, gripping.

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