Sunday, May 26, 2002

Who's in the bog then? A true story from the files of Scaryduck: Kids! Drink and work never mix, this cautionary tale being all the proof you'll need. A few years ago and in a semi-drunken state fuelled by the boss's free Christmas booze the lads in our small (yet vitally important) side-office decided it was high time we relived our schooldays with one or two schoolboy pranks to (and I quote) "Get the other miserable bastards in the Christmas mood".

The boss's cigarettes were sellotaped under his desk until he went mad with craving. How we laughed. Unpopular colleagues had drawing pins placed on their seats. How we laughed again. Staff returning from the canteen balancing cups of tea were pelted with elastic bands and paperclips. Fits of laughter.

It was only when we started running into the bogs, hammering on the cubicle doors and taunting the occupants with cries of "Who's in the bog then?" that we came unstuck. Our giggling turned to barely disguised horror as the bog door was flung open by a familiar-looking man-mountain with the roar of "Who's playing silly buggers in the toilets?"

Matt managed to squeak a tremulous "Christ on a f---ing bike, it's only Brian bloody Blessed!" as the rest of us shat ourselves at the impending pounding that seemed, at the time, inevitable. We legged it. We managed, somehow, to keep our jobs, but alas, people on high had noticed and we were soon split up. Still, we'll always have Brian Blessed.

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