Thursday, April 11, 2002

Banzaaaai!!!!: Bet! Bet! Bet! Now! Now! Now! How we laughed as top TV show Banzai had to be stopped by the Met Police from using a speed gun on the Queen Mum's hearse. All the papers are bleating about bad taste, even the Sun, whose own idea of good taste is to have some bird with her baps out on Page Three (not safe for work)

If you don't know about Banzai, it's a spoof on Japanese TV where viewers are invited to bet on unlikely events. Like how fast the Queen Mum's hearse was going through Chiswick. Come on, Police dudes, she was a betting woman - it's what the old dear would have wanted.

In the spirit of useless tests on the internet appearing in people's blogs, Banzai are being left behind. You come here, take personality test. What you waiting for? Christmas? And always remember the ancient proverb: A smile is just like a bottom, but turned sideways.

My Banzai personality: "You more furious than cat in washing machine. You belong in bouncy room, with your mad face. Stay away, you hear? Us normal people must hide from your own brand of hilarious yet lethal mental illness. Why you so angry? Is it cos you an ugly faced plop who smell like an outflow pipe? What you want to hit me? Take your best shot, stink factory!"

Yup, that sounds about right.

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