Monday, April 15, 2002

YaaaaY! It's Payday!: And to celebrate the fact, I've pissed it up the wall on CDs. Amongst the titles that I insist on you going out and buying RIGHT NOW are:

* John Foxx - The Pleasures of Electricity -- former Ultravox! frontman returns with bazzin' dance sound
* Primal Scream - Xtrmntr -- the kings of the bazzin' dance sound return to out-bazz everybody else. Totally bazzin'
* Spiritualized - Let it Come Down - I remained steadfastly un bazzed, but top notch nontheless
* Joy Division - Permanent -- that's it, I've finished being bazzed, now I think I'm going off to top myself now

Hardly bazzin' at all are the books I managed to snaffle out of my local branch of Smiths. Yes officer, I did pay for these:

* Shackleton by Roland Huntford --- a freezing-your-nads off homage to the legendary polar explorer.
* Muhammed Ali edited by Thomas Hauser -- "With the co-operation of Muhammed Ali". Buy this book or The Greatest will come down and whup your ass!
* The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett. Worth seeking out this hardback beauty if not for the story but for the superb illustrations of Paul Kidby.

Beg, buy, borrow, or in the case of Terry "Britain's Most Shoplifted Author" Pratchett, steal any of the above. It'll be good for your karma. Honest. I'm off to post evil comments on FARK!, as my heavily enriched karmic energies need turning down. It's either that or porn.

Obligatory pointless Take-a-Test link: Are You Evil? Take the test! I am 55% evil, which is pretty baaaad if you ask me. Not bad for a partially domesticated water fowl.

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