Monday, March 31, 2014

On improving the rail network

So, I saw this on the Twitters the other day.

Impressed by Nick Hancock's new job, I naturally replied:
Of course, there's swings and roundabouts. Sure, you could get Billie Piper at Swindon, but disembark at Rotherham, and you've got the Chuckle Brothers punching your ticket*.

And if I were to head down to the West Country to see my old dad, the thought of being met off the train by Cornwall's finest** comedian Jethro would be enough to get me on the first train home.

And I'd never go to London in case it's Danny Dyer.

Worst idea ever. Sorry I even brought it up.

*Not sexy slang
** Shittest

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Anonymous said...

This post is a tad too Brit-centric for me. I do recognize the name Billie Piper though. And I only recognize that name because The Tutor has moaned* on about her for years.

*Yes sexy slang