Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spam Email Du Jour

Hey everybody! My email's just won me a cool £460,000 and a brand new ...errr... 2009 Range Rover in the Google Yearly Award Programme"!

I've seen a few scams in my time, but I think this is absolutely 100 per cent legit, even though it took them the best part of three months to track me down and tell me I had won.

But Google, eh? What do they know about finding stuff?

Also, I am indebted to Barclays Bank for this timely email warning:

I shall open an account immediately, then send you my full details, PIN and mother's maiden name.

Thank you for writing, Barclays Bankers!* The exclamation mark shows that you are the real thing, because scammers don't use punctuation.

*NOT rhyming slang

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now let's be fair, they didn't write "Google Yearly Award Programme". They wrote instead, "Google Yearly Award Program". Surely the American spelling tips the scales to the legit side?