Friday, August 15, 2014


A run-of-the-mill report on Kim Jong Un attending the test fire of a rocket showed a series of photos of the Supreme Leader enjoying himself far too much as he farts about with weapons of mass destruction.

Loaded onto Twitter, a new feature allows them to be tiled together to tell a story. Thussly:

Oh-ho! Says an internet wag – that's going to be an internet meme before you know it. And so #KimMischief was born.

Here's a few I made earlier.
"Hello? I'm looking for Mr Bolokov. Ivor Bolokov"

"Hello? Is that David Cam-moron? I'd like to speak to David Cam-MORON"

"Your mum"

"May the Force be with you"

"Hi, I'm looking for Mr Buttz, first name Seymour"

And forget geographical impossibility, this is my absolute favourite:

I am SUCH a fanboy

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Flaxen Saxon said...

I hope Mr Duck you are not lampooning the great leader of the Democratic (surely some mistake) Republic of North Korea. I have just penned a well balanced polemic on the man emphasiing his almost god like qualities. Check out my piece here: I'm thinking of proffering it for publication in a bespoke academic journal. Wad ya think?