Tuesday, April 14, 2015

All hail our giant duck overlords!

Sunday afternoon to Hartley Wintney, where we tramped around the common, and found this giant carved duck which we immediately worshipped.

I, for one, welcome our giant duck overlords.

Then, with a tilt of the head, we realise that it's not a duck at all, but a rabbit, planted in the North Hampshire countryside specifically to shit us up and knock duck worshipers about a bit for their errant duck-worshpping ways.

I, for one, welcome our giant rabbit overlords.

We're definitely on the side of the giant rabbits. Or the ducks. Not sure. But this can only end one way...


Mr Larrington said...

That bunrab has done fifteen rounds with Mike Tyson. It's a duck.

Gonzoland said...

Ah. I can see what you've done!
You have pasted the background from the photo of the duck onto the photo of the rabbit. You don't fool me that easily.