Friday, May 01, 2015

Clickbait books

So #Clickbaitbooks was trending on Twitter, and I had to have a go at describing books in the Upworthy style that makes scrolling your Facebook timeline a misery. In fact, had lots of goes.

- Dentists hate this one weird trick to get yourself a free chocolate factory

- This man was shipwrecked on an island for 28 years. His one great life hack will blow your mind, and you can use it too!

- This guy claims God sent him ten commandments carved in stone. When I got to number 7, my jaw dropped

- Find out what you're the Lord of in our quiz (32% got "the flies")

- You won't believe where they found the Catcher!

- The 22 catches that make serving in the air force HELL. The last one blew my mind!

- Marley was dead, but it was just the beginning of this businessman's yuletide nightmare. You won't believe what he saw!

- You won't believe what this boy found at the end of the lane! (by Neil Gaiman)

- They thought their pet Dalmatian was grossly overweight. What happened next will make you angry, then make you smile

- Forty-two things that will make you question the meaning of life

- What's underneath the four elephants will make your day!

That's enough Clickbait Books.


TRT said...

But as an author yourself, you've neglected the greatest books ever written in English (or at least a close enough approximation). They changed my life.

TonyF said...

Apparently, according to this very blog,

"Anti-Ageing Secret Exposed!!!!!
< Image of pox ridden Mush >

Did Kim Kardashian accidently reveal an anti-aging secret???

Er, No?

Mr Larrington said...

Great cars, them Kardashians!