Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Pencil Museum Incident

To the Pencil Museum in Keswick, home of the World's largest pencil. I have questions. 

Me: Has anybody from a rival pencil museum ever sneaked in with the world's largest pencil sharpener to take a couple of feet off your world's largest pencil so they could steal the title?

Them: No, that hasn't happened.

Me: Well, today's your lucky day!

[Brandishes huge pencil sharpener]

Them: Please leave 


Them: We're calling the police


Art Bocs said...

They have very good watercolour pencils but not one of them is the colour of pure water.

rashbre said...

I once stayed in hotel in an old pencil factory in Hannover. It kept me sharp.

TRT said...

I've been there. It was very interesting. That is all.

TRT said...

Also, what rival pencil museum?

Rich said...

I'm sure he won't be drawn on that point!

Bun Karyudo said...

That sounds like a fascinating museum. Not quite up there with the Toothpick Museum and Reference Library in Kawachinagano, Japan, but certainly close.

Anonymous said...

Where will this pencil lead to?

TRT said...

He felt propelled to be there.

Anonymous said...

On a similar theme, while touring around Australia some years ago, found myself being directed to the 'Big Banana' in Coffs Harbour, a large facsimile of that fruit used to promote the banana plantation there. I then learnt that Australia is festooned with similar items, from the Big Prawn, to the Big Chopper (a giant axe, much to my wife's disappointment), past the Big (golf) Ball - another disappointment - and the Big Cheese to name but a few. The last one suddenly disappeared from the tourist guides when it was discovered that some enterprising digger had simply painted a water tank yellow!