Thursday, October 01, 2015

Hazel at 21

Me first-born is 21-years-old today, and - contrary to what you might think - it's not my style to put up embarrassing photos of the former Scaryduckling as a toddler.

So here's one of her as a grown-up.

She's currently going up and down skyscrapers in New York (a parental birthday present), so I can get away with not sending a card for a couple of days. Despite my parental input, she's turned into an intelligent and caring young person, and I'm terribly proud of her. In fact, the same goes for Adam as well.

Happy birthday, young lady.

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Richard Wintle said...

And Happy Birthday from this side of the pond. Oh wait, your dad said you're already on this side of the pond. Never mind.

Wait! What I mean is... never mind the pond thing. Happy Birthday still stands.

This is what reading Scaryduck does to you. I swear. Repeatedly.