Sunday, May 19, 2002

Scaryduck recommends: I've got my filthy little hands on Vapor Trails, the new long player by Canadian genii Rush. It rocks. Honestly. Normally on a blog, there'll be a link right here to amazon or similar where you can by the thing and earn me a commision into the bargain. But there isn't because I'm like that. If you want it go and buy it yourself. I've got a lot of time for Rush recently, having rediscovered them following the unfortunate selling of my CD collection to pay off a mountain of debt a few years ago.

And while you're there, get hold of the autobiography of British comedian Frank Skinner, worth it just for the story about dwarf wrestling, which had me crying with laughter on a crowded train between Bournemouth and Reading last Friday night. Frank's one ugly spud, but he likes his football and anal sex (rather too much to be healthy, to be honest) and gives good stand-up.

And just to prove what a tight-wad I really am, I just picked up a second hand copy of Se7en on DVD at a car boot sale for very little money at all. Now, there's definately not going to be a link to Amazon for that little purchase. Anyone got a cheap slide projector for sale or give-away? Seriously, I need one, pronto.

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