Saturday, January 22, 2005

Tales of Mirth and Woe

Tales of Mirth and Woe - in book form

A book, you say? Why, yes!

I am considering a self-publishing deal where I can put together a book filled with some of my best mirth and woe. It will contain some of the best Scary Stories, the mankiest gags from this site and some exclusive never-been-published content to sell to you, the discering (and if the reaction to yesterday's tale is anything to go by, fickle) punter.

What I really need before I through together 300 pages of Scary (and possibly Scary Brother) goodness is the firm backing that at least some of you lot will buy a copy. It'll cost about GBP10, and will come with a FREE turd through the letterbox* with every order.

Send no money now, just tell me "yes" or "no".

That is all.

*Turd through the letterbox offer open only to those employed in the building industry on the Island of Portland, UK.

Edit: Thanks for the promising response. All I've got to do now is write the thing.

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