Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On sponsored television

On sponsored television

They're going to allow product placement on television. In the near future, viewers are going to be assaulted with none-too-subtle plugs for consumer products to teach us all a lesson for zapping out all the adverts with our Sky+ boxes.

If they're going to go all Truman Show on us, why not go the whole hog? Product placement may be about to become a reality, but how about selling off the naming rights to programmes? This could conceivably rakes in millions for our television networks, at only minor inconvenience to viewers.

Let's have a look at a few deals that have already been tied up pending the government go-ahead:

- Bird's Eye Coronation Chicken Street
- News at Tena Lady

- Pie in the Sky Sports HD only £49 fully installed!
- Going for Golden Wonder

- Star Trek: Chrysler Voyager
- Electric Blue Peter

- The MaX Factor
- Watney's Party Seven Political Broadcast

- Strictly Lamb's Navy Rum Dancing
- Hole in the Wall's tasty, tasty pork sausages

Now: Your turn, while I nip off to try a tasty, tasty POT NOODLE. Mmmm.... POT NOODLE.

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