Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On making a few announcements

On making a few announcements

Announcement the First

My esteemed colleagues! On behalf of the once-funny Scaryduck blog: Stop eating my chocolate biscuits, you worthless knaves. Fur ihre sicherheit und orientierung – one biscuit in 10,000 has been used in a round of The Biscuit Game within the walls of Reading Gaol. Dare you take that risk?

That is all.

Announcement the Second

Long-time readers may remember one Doctor Craig, who graced our comments on a regular basis with heroic tales complete and utter lies about his work as a paediatric doctor in Cambridge, and/or something hush-hush in Prague and/or something equally hush-hush and heroic in Hong Kong.

Daily Mail: Dodgy doctor gets pound-you-in-the-arse-prison

The Scaryduck blog's first ever jailing, and it wasn't me. Wow.

Update: A bit of detective work by Legless on B3ta

Update II: Misty has blogged on "Doctor" Craig, with some fabulous additional links.

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