Tuesday, June 08, 2010

On visiting the doctor

On visiting the doctor

I have, for reasons involving the desire to be unspeakably rich, started work on the long-abandoned radio comedy script.

Unfortunately, I'm rubbish at keeping a good LOL to myself, so here's a gag I'm particularly proud of:

Story: Frank works on a market stall. He's depressed and takes a visit to his doctor to get to the bottom of his troubles.

Doctor Mills: So, you tell me you're suffering from depression, bouts of anxiety and panic attacks. Is there anything else?

Frank: If I'm going to be totally honest with you, I harbour violent urges against the bass player from Spandau Ballet.

Doctor Mills: Oh.

Frank: In fact, I want to kill him.

Doctor Mills: Have you considered drugs?

Frank: Actually, I was just going to stab him.


Frank: But yeah - less messy. Nice one, Doc - I feel better already.
B'dum - and indeed - TISH!

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