Thursday, July 14, 2011

On Lulworth Cove

On Lulworth Cove

I went to Lulworth Cove recently. Seven quid fifty pence of The Queen's Pounds to park. Yeah, about that...

Dear the Lulworth Estate

As a recent visitor to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, I really ought to point out something that is missing from the whole experience.

You see, after paying £7.50 to leave my car in a field for the day, I expect - at the very least - a cavalcade of fun throughout the entire day.

Instead, there were no clowns to punch, no escalator to nowhere that claimed the lives of unsuspecting coach parties full of pensioners, and it rained for the whole afternoon. And - sadly - it wasn't even a RAIN OF PIRANHA FISH, devouring those too slow to amble to the shelter of the public toilets.

In short, Lulworth, I paid for LULz and I got no LULz.

Hardly what you'd call LUL WORTH, eh?

Sort it out you planks.

Your pal,

Albert O'Balsam
And don't get me started on Giggleswick

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