Friday, November 29, 2013

The Great Flat Tyre Mystery

Riddle me this, oh great internet hive mind....

On my way to work yesterday morning, I drove past a car in a layby. It was jacked up on a monster sized jack of the sort you see in garages (not the weedy space-saving one you get with your motor), one of the wheels was off, and the boot was wide open.

Of driver and companions there was no trace.

OK, fair enough. Somebody's got a flat tyre and they've got to get help.

Except two miles down the road was exactly the same scene - car in the layby, up on a ridiculously huge industrial-sized jack, exactly the same wheel missing, boot open, no driver.


Is this a scam or trap of some sort?

If you stop to help, will some hairy-arsed robber come along and nick my car? (Not that they'd want to)

Or, is the unlocked boot an invitation to try to steal something, and a hairy-arsed copper's going to leap out of the undergrowth and nick me good?



Audrey said...

It's a glitch in the Matrix.

Gonzoland said...

Plural Zones are common this time of year.
There is only one Santa Claus but he appears everywhere - That's because multiple universes are interfacing. Comet ISON is now in a different universe.

#Debi said...

Were you perhaps driving in circles? A roundabout, perhaps?