Friday, April 10, 2015

Farnborough Airship Hangar

I've decided that there aren't nearly enough photographs of the Farnborough Portable Airship Hangar on the internet, so last night I went out and took some.

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The portable hangar (as its name implies, it was designed to take anywhere to house airships and was covered in a mass of tarpaulin when in use) was built in 1912, just four years after the American Samuel Cody made the first British powered flight at Farnborough. The airships are gone now, and the airfield is generally used as a stopping-off point for business flights and the insanely rich. Oh, and every two years it becomes that well-known arms fair, Farnborough Airshow.

The hangar has been in on a number of sites on the historic airfield, and at present rests just outside the perimeter fence in the middle of an upmarket technology park. It's lit up at night, so may be worth risking the security guards and taking a visit once the sun's gone down.

More pictures HERE


Gonzoland said...

Is there an Airship Press to give them a nice sharp crease every morning?

Alistair Coleman said...

That's where the tarpaulin is. It's been at the dry cleaners for decades, and they forgot about it.

TonyF said...

Fascinating, but, to make it portable, where's the handle?

Havena Clew said...

Why would it need a handle? Mrs Trellis has a portable lapdog and he doesn't have a handle.