Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Well, Fancy That!

The first in an occasional series explaining the origins of well-known words and phrases

No.1: Cabinet

WHY does the Prime Minister have a Cabinet?

BECAUSE in the olden days, Winston Churchill literally kept his ministers in stout wooden wardrobes to prevent them from getting damaged in the Blitz. 

He would literally hold "cabinet" meetings where everyone was wheeled in by strong porters to discuss the matters of the day, and then be wheeled back to an underground bunker when finished. 

If Mr Churchill decided that one of his "cabinet" ministers had passed their sell-by date, he would have them nailed shut and tipped into the Thames from Westminster Bridge.

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Confused said...

Yey! Scary is back!

Gonzoland said...

A case of the Cabinet Servinone.

Dioclese said...

I prefer this version

CDN said...

Welcome back! Of course only some of the cabinets had porta-potties in them. The lucky few who had the luxury of a shitter in their box were known as "The Privy Council".