Saturday, May 24, 2014

Megan Washington - Limitless

New one from Megan Washington, who I am not stalking.

....And the record company'sgone and put a geographical restriction on it. *golf clap*


AmyP said...

I've enjoyed learning abt. M.W. due to your posts. I liked the TEDx talk, and sent it on to a younger person who enjoyed it as well. Both of us really like the Who Are You song very much. That is still my fave. MW's ability with song is really something. If you are going to be a fan of someone, this is an excellent choice!

Anonymous said...

dont worry about the geogr. restriction. There was another vid of her singing it. for most web savvy people there are alternative methods of finding things, tho maybe not this exact vid in this case.
[The copyright infringers/pirates will probably make it available to everyone soon anyway. I was shocked and severely depressed last yr. to see how bad pirating, and the attitude toward pirating, has become. I don't know how any artist can make it anymore.] AP

Anonymous said...

Geographic restrictions on content are just another reason people pirate. Before that it was terrible DRM, and before that it was just general unavailability of a lot of stuff.