Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Proof our society is doomed: Part 2,912

I present "Mum & Me: Bump Smooth and Glow Pregnancy Shampoo", newly on the market from a bunch of chancers who need a new way of making money.

There is also Pregnancy Conditioner, because you pregnant women have been washing your hair wrong for all these years, and you don't care about your baby, do you?

I await the day we see car polish for the inside of your hubcaps, because all you car owners are doing it wrong as well.

Society is doomed.


Melinda Cunningham said...

What the actual fuck??

isolator42 said...

Who'd like to wager that pharma companies post stuff like this masquerading as a concerned mum to be:
...& then launch products such as this shampoo.

The Internet & social media can be a very effective marketing tool - especially when people forget their common sense when they open a browser.

Anonymous said...

I listen to a weekly comedy radio show and one of the regular features is a multiple choice question regarding some new product/service available somewhere in the world. It's often very difficult to choose the correct answer because they are all so bizarre, hilarious, and/or unbelievable. It is truly amazing what people will try to sell, and equally amazing what people will buy.
Past episodes of "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" are available for listening thru their internet archives.
Scary, Neil Gaiman was a guest on one of the shows a year or to ago.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hah! I made a mistake and copied the wrong url for you in the previous comment.

here you go: