Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Lucy (2004-2015)

Lucy 2004-2015
It's heartbreaking when a family pet dies, and today is no exception as Lucy Minogue crosses that ol' Rainbow Bridge at the age of eleven. Time's just caught up with the old lady as her eyesight, hearing (and probably the worst of all for a dog) sense of smell went, and she was left with zero quality of life.

It's always a terrible decision for any pet owner to make, but the former Mrs C has made the right one. I've only seen Lucy off-and-on over the last three years because of divorce, and it's the children Hazel and Adam I truly feel sorry for, having to experience the loss of a much-loved family member who we've known since she was a pup for the first time.

Family dog, with family
The consolation is that the house won't be empty when they get home from the inevitable, as there's another small fluffy dog on the scene by the name of Nelson. There's nothing worse than a house being empty of dog, and I can tell you that from personal experience. But it's not all about me, because today is all about remembering The Best Small Dog Ever with a huge pile of photos.

We'll all miss you, Puppy.

I mean, how could you ever resist that face?
Lucy never had puppies of her own, so here she is with one of her children
"I say, my good man, could I trouble you for a piece of cheese?"

"I suppose you think that's funny"

Dog on holiday
"I can has beefs?"
Butter wouldn't melt etc
"I'm sure there's a phone number I can ring and report you for this"

ZZZzzz... (reprise)
"Nothing much going on here - just the whole world revolving around me"
"You're an idiot. Get out"
If you've got a pet, go home and give him or her a hug. Unless it's a snake or a leopard, then don't.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely dog. With such cute eyes, it's no wonder that she had the keys to her own pad.

Cliff said...

Beautiful and devastating. I want my dogs to live forever now. Damn you and bless you.

Mark McLellan said...


TonyS said...

So sad, old chap. I got my cav, Lily Mussolini, a couple of years after you got Lucy. She's still going strong, but the signs are starting to appear.

Courage, mon brave.