Saturday, July 20, 2002

Save our Chopper!

I live by the sea. We've got a busy harbour, mixed with a pulsating tourist industry, attracted by a spiffy coastline of sandy beaches and exciting cliffs. Sometimes people get a bit carried away with themselves, or a little unfortunate with the sea conditions and need rescuing. We've got a huge mother of a lifeboat and a rather handy search and rescue helicopter which have both saved dozens of lives this year already. The Man, in his wisdom, had decided that he cannot afford to run the helicopter and he's going to stick it over fifty miles away to save money by merging the service with another. What a bunch of risking-people's-lives-to-save-money ARSE!

There's a huge local campaign to save Whiskey Bravo, with 1,500 people marching through Weymouth to show their anger at the coastguard agency's decision-making. I, on the other hand, have sat on my fat backside and programmed up a website to tell the world. Here it is. Read. Sign. Wipe hands on pants. Thank you.

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