Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday vote-o

Thursday vote-o: Two for the price of one

You lucky, lucky people. Not only is there a regular vote-o, but you also get a chance to stuff somebody else's ballot box and it only costs you 25p a go.

Vote the first: Vote-me-up for tomorrow's Scary story! As this site is currently running on auto-pilot, the vote is restricted only to stories I've actually written and have ready-to-go in Blogger. It's technical, I'm lazy, and you get what you're given.

* The Operator: "As the bull rammed itself home for the final time and consciousness faded into welcoming darkness, John Craven found himself yearning for the simple life back in the Newsround studio. You didn't get this kind of reaming as a newsreader. Not on a Sunday, anyway."

* Dazed and Confused: "In the light of new information from laboratories in the Far East, the Department of Health was forced to issue a new public health warning. 'You can only contract Avian Flu from bumming chickens. Do not bum chickens'"

* Potman: "As Dick Cheney came to, he realised with no little horror that his worst nightmare had indeed come true. The head-dress. The backless trousers. The thumping bass. He was on tour with The Village People. Again. The shotgun-wielding midget smiled and winked. Things would be getting much, much worse before they got better."

* Outhouse o' Doom: "In his excitement, Stephen clicked the 'Buy it Now!' button on Ebay, and any day now, thirty-seven pairs of Cherie Blair's used panties and a dirty letter on Downing Street notepaper would be coming through his letterbox. Suitably aroused, he slid Jerry Springer: The Opera into the DVD player again, and praised the Lord for the sin of lust."

Vote the second and a message from Mrs Duck: "My favourite cousin Ian is in the final of Strictly Come Dancing this Saturday night. Please vote for him, or Scary won't get anything for Christmas. I might add that if Ian and Zoe don't win, the Scaryducklings will cry, and it'll be all your fault. So, no pressure or anything."

The phone number is 0901 121 4012, with half of the 25p call charge going to Children in Need. Do it! Do it NOW! I've already got to see a former Boyzone in panto this Christmas, so don't make my life any worse than it already is.

Vote-me-do, and Vote-Ian-me-do!

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