Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Triple pluggage


My colleague Wanabehuman tells me he is celebrating six months in the world of weblog, and could I, perhaps, mark this auspicious occasion with a peer review of his work?

"A free plug, you mean?"

"That's the ticket. And could you tell them we need writers?"

Wanabehuman, then, is a brave stab at the Citizen-Journalism concept that is generating a fair amount of comment on the internet; not least from genuine journalists who don't like the fact their job isn't all that difficult getting out.

The site itself, though densely packed with information, is much less of a dog's dinner than it used to be, and now boasts articles from genuine journalists Phillip Knightley, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Munira Mirza, giving it the gravitas and diversity it warrants.

Intelligent writing with a global perspective is rare anywhere on the internet - this site is worthy of far greater exposure than it currently gets, and deserves greater recognition for its brave step into the near-virgin territory of the citizen-journalist-blogger.

They need writers.

Will that do?

More pluggage

I've just found out that my cousin Andy is the brains behind this and this; which just goes to show how little I know my own family. Wow.

Even more pluggage

Jane's got a new thing, a blog about the magic televisual-receiving apparatus that seems to be gaining popularity amongst the lower classes. Hoorah!

Also: Oh Lordy! That mad bugger's back from the Front. Mehhhh!

And because I'm already receiving complaints about the lack of scatalogical action in today's blog: "Done a Poo". Scored 13/20: "Katy Hill and Janet Ellis eating a banana suggestively" on the Scaryduckworth-Lewis scale.


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