Thursday, January 22, 2009

On choosing a bad time to break wind

On choosing a bad time to break wind

No. 278: Crawling under your desk whilst unplugging your phone charger.

Extra credit: Fire risk caused by a dodgy electrical connection that produces arcs of electricity like Gozer the Destroyer spewing fire on the Ghostbusters

Extra extra credit: Laughing and farting and laughing some more as you realise the mortal danger in which you have placed yourself. Then farting

Extra extra credit: Knocking yourself senseless on the corner of your desk drawer as you try to escape your gaseous, firey, napalm-filled tomb. Witnesses may recall a loud 'Spang-g-g-g-g!" as noggin and office furniture collide

Extra extra extra extra credit: Having to explain the whole sorry incident in a) an insurance claim form and b) the accident book

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