Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Bestest Present Ever

The Bestest Present Ever

Yesterday, the lovely Mrs Duck gave me The Bestest Present Ever. My very own chainsaw. It's lovely, buzzy and very, very sharp. On the down side, it is electrical, which gives you a limited range if you wish to run amok.

Currently, my running amok range is about ten metres, plus the length of any extension lead I may have lying around. Still, it's the thought that counts, and just as soon as I've thrown off the dreaded lurgi, I shall be out there, amok on the streets of Weymouth with my new friend, Doctor Teeth.

She loves me. She really, really loves me.

"Greetings, potential victim and meat supply. You don't happen to have access to a nearby 13-Amp power supply? I've got an RCD device an' everything."
"Wha? Why?"
"Um... no reason."

Can't be bothered with much of a vote-o this week (lurgi) so you have the following:

*Gullible Twat: "In which your author cannot think of anything witty or outrageous to type here."

Tell you what, YOU think of something, and I'll shoe-horn it in to the story. Ah, just like the old days.


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