Thursday, November 17, 2005

Poor, poor Kofi

Poor, poor Kofi

Yesterday, I met Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations and all-round good guy. Such a good guy, in fact, it makes me wonder, sitting here in my tin-foil hat, how such a quiet, softly spoken man became the figurehead of such a huge organisation.

He made a nice speech, in which he said nothing I didn't know already, and buggered off again, hand firmly held by President Ben Ali, who's been just about everywhere at this event.

Poor Kofi. Doomed to be nothing but a messenger boy, wielding no power at all unless our American friends say it's OK.

Of all this week's celebrity spots, the leader of the world was the most disappointing. How could he compete with...

Timmy Mallett: Two huge thumbs up in the staff canteen (in READING, you fools).

The lovely Debbie MacGee, the most orange person I have ever met, see through skirt and huge granny knickers.

Poor, poor Kofi.

This afternoon it's Colonel Qadaffi, listed only as "Leader of the Revolution".

Heh. Qadaffi Duck.

I hope he does that "You're desss-picible" thing.

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