Monday, November 14, 2005



I've been causing trouble. I used the word "spacker" on in the comments on somebody else's blog to describe the kind of moron who drunkenly runs up and down my street in the middle of the night, letting off fireworks and vandalising cars.

I know the context in which I use the word "spacker", and so, I should imagine, do you. But still, people are offended that I might be using a word that insults disabled people. I don't. I bear no grudge against those who pointed out my faux pax, elsewhere, I should temper my language on other people's blogs.

But: Jesus wept. Jesus wept piss.

Well, do you think I'm offensive? Re-phrase that. Do you think I'm nastily offensive, or simply re-using and re-defining words that are only shock the Daily Express readers of this world?

Besides, I don't need defending. I know I'm wrong.

As a rather offensive middle-class schoolboy, they banned all those nasty words when I was using them from the safety of a rather offensive middle-class schoolboy gang. So we came up with a non-specific, non-offensive term which they couldn't stop us from using: "anvid". They banned it.

B-B-Blenny and the Jets

Thank you for the pop acts named after fruit and veg. Today, mixed in with a serious discussion on the merits of various insults, I ask for a similar exercise:

Pop acts that sound like fish. We've had Derek Dick, thanks.

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