Thursday, March 22, 2007

Like The Two Ronnies Never Happened

Like The Two Ronnies Never Happened

A new game!

As if the Dorset Echo wasn't already the funnest local newspaper in the world (yesterday's front page headline: The Hedge of Destruction) young Scaryduck Junior has unwittingly produced big laughs in his attempts at the Quiz Challenge on the paper's Sudoku-tastic 'Take a Break' page.

Not realising that the answers at the bottom of the page were those from the previous day's quiz, he ploughed on regardless, his cries of "What the...?" becoming louder, eventually forcing us to dive for a pile of back issues looking for further funnies.


Name: S. Duck, Esq

Occupation: Genius

Specialist Subject: The Answers to The Questions Set Yesterday.

With which song did Sandie Shaw win the 1967 Eurovision Song Contest?
The London Stock Exchange

What is a beaver's home called?

Which fictional character came from Never Never Land?
Tony Benn

Which ballet includes the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy?
You Only Live Twice

Which flag is flown at the stern of Royal Navy vessels?
Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po

What is the scientific name for the white of an egg?

What type of animal lives in a lodge?
President Gerald Ford

Which Asian country was formerly known as the Dutch East Indies?
Acker Bilk

Who suceeded Kate Hoey as Minister for Sport in 2001?
Unwanted body hair

What is the Russian name equivalent in meaning to John?
The British Airline Pilots Association
Ah, literally minutes of sidesplitting fun on any given day (except Sundays, when we're expected to make our own entertainment. And we do, but we think the tramp's getting pretty pissed off with Lick-the-Derelict now).

Struck down with the lurgi and can't-be-arsed-itis, no Thursday vote-o today. Tomorrow's story will be decided by the scientifically-proven process known as 'One Potato, Two Potato'. Failing that: 'Ip Dip Dog Shit'.

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