Thursday, January 03, 2008

On Kylie

On Kylie

If there's been one thing that I've learned recently it is that Brave Kylie Minogue is nowhere near as talented as she'd like to think she is.

Granted, she wasn't supremely talented in the first place, but her Christmas over-exposure means that Brave Kylie's limitations are there for all to see, and frankly, I've gone right off her.

Right off her.

And her skank of a sister, too.

In fact, I've gone right off her to the extent that I have photoshopped all the clothes back onto my priceless collection of photoshopped naked and partially-clad Kylie Minogue pictures.

The upside of this revelation is that I am now able to devote my image manipulating skills to the one, true cause: Photoshopping the clothes off pictures of Nigella Lawson

And Sarah Beeny.

And sweet, sweet Kirstie Allsopp.

Said too much.

On any other business

Blogs I've noticed recently that deserve your attention. All of whom, doubtless, would be thrilled and delighted to be associated with the above.

* The Wendy House - Because Wendy a) lives in Reading and b) likes buses

* Dayorama - Insanely talented colleague and equally talented friends

* This is This - Blogging by insanely talented soon-to-be-a-colleague Cliff Jones, and the reason why I've started using italics everywhere. Of course, I link to his site just as he gives up the whole blog thing. Tell him not to stop. It is your duty.

Also: Bugger

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