Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Duck v Waitrose: Middle class smugness defined

So, posh supermarket Waitrose started off a dommed marketing hashtag on that there Twitter, asking why people shop in their supermarket. Needless to say, it backfired spectacularly, with punters turning the shop's poshness up to eleven and sending in replies like "Because Asda don't stock unicorn food".

Even the Guardian found it amusing In a moment of inspired genius (because modesty is one of my major assets), I sent in this little number:
"I shop at Waitrose because..." you say "Ten items or fewer" not "Ten items or less", which is important #WaitroseReasons
To say things went mental is an understatement. All of a sudden, I'm being quoted on Radio Four (twice), the Guardian, and find myself with over 3,000 Twitter followers, most of them real actual people, all waiting for my next bit of middle class wit. So I Tweet a bit about football, and most of them bugger off and head back to knitting their own lunches.

I haven't had this much fun sincer the Governator retweeted my "Vote for me if you want to live" gag, and I really think Waitrose should send me a great big prize, like a two-hour trolley dash. I'll need the whole two hours, because we need to check everything is organic.

This post is brought to you by the letters S M U and G.

And when I thought it was all over, my Tweet turns up on page three of the Daily Mail. I feel unclean, somebody get me a wire brush.


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