Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Air Freshener Woe

If you have a dog and a car, sooner or later they will come together and your car will smell of dog.

As a matter of fact, it is more than likely, you will one day have to put a damp dog in your car on a rainy day, and your vehicle will hold that smell forever and a day.

So, sick of my car stinking of dog, I spent 59p on a Mighty Oak cardboard-and-elastic-band air freshener and hung it from my rear view mirror.

It made my eyes water. Then it made my eyeballs itch.

Within 24 hours, my car, the dog, me, all my clothes, all my possessions, our house, everything I own, and everything within a half mile radius reeked of 59p Mighty Oak air freshener.

And damp dog.

Even the heat death of the universe will smell of damp dog and air freshener. I think I might have unleashed something evil upon the world.



valdemar said...

That British TV classic Quatermass and the Pine Fresh Peril (1957) should have been a warning.

Do Not Break The Dog said...

Please don't apologise. It can only improve what my hound has just unleashed on the lawn.

Snif-n-Scratch-n-Puke said...

Are boke-card factories owned by car valet firms?