Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Now here's a how-d'you-do

About five years ago, somebody asked my why I was blogging every single day, when I should be out there writing for a living. He was right, of course, but I kept blogging every single day.

Five years later, I'm wondering why I'm still feeding this machine when I could be out there writing for a living. And, after 11 years of continuous input, I want to write another book. It's a great book, it's just stuck in my head at the moment, and I'd much rather it was on actual paper. It's got North Koreans and exploding cows and other exploding things, and I dare say North Koreans will explode and I might get rid of the cows, because I really, really want to call it "The Way of the Exploding Fish".

THE WAY OF THE EXPLODING FISH - to be serialised ...err... here.

So. I'm just not going to blog every day.

Instead, I'm going to do what normal people do: Write something awesome whenever they feel the need. I just won't update every single day.

This is not a "hiatus", or a "blog break" or a "shut the thing down and leave it for the wolves and the spammers", because people pay me for adverts, and I like blogging. But I want to write a book.

It's about priorities, and at the moment it's avoiding dropping dead through overwork.

Tomorrow: A load of poo and fart gags

If you really can't get by without me, I also do the funny HERE every now and then.


Kompani said...

To paraphrase a tailoring saying plus the name of an old comedy show 'Never mind the length, read the quality'. The show was about a couple of taylors and called 'never mind the quality feel the width'. WTF am I saying here? Good luck with the book, it'll be fan.

Kompani said...

I meant to say fab, damn auto spell check. It's the heat and lack of little grey cells.

isolator42 said...

Shame - I got used to the reliability of my daily SD :)
Ah well, life is change & all that.
A daily blog must take up a fair old chunk of time & stress - thinking up what to write is ALWAYS in the back of your mind, etc.
Good to hear about a new book, I'm reading WTF right now, & liking it :)

Anonymous said...

Lazy bastard!

So I've got to go to the Daily Mail site for a laugh every day?

Circles over i -Oh dear said...

Anon at 4:07pm
How dare you mention that name on here.
Try the Daily Mash instead.

Dear Mr Duck,
Will you be updating aplin & dliln regularly?

Alistair Coleman said...

APILN and DNILN have enough content to last until the crack of Doomsday