Friday, July 26, 2013


To the bank, where I am undertaking an overly complex financial transaction.

"How would you like your money?" asks the teller.

I look at her name badge. It reads "Phyllis Blackbeard".

I dare not say anything. She has obviously heard every pirate related gag before, and then some. Do not say a thing. Just be sensible for once in your life.

"How would you like your money?" asked Mrs Blackbeard, the scourge of the overdrawn.


"Heard it."


Gonzoland said...

In the late '70s, a teller at the Abbey National Building Society's 221 Baker Street branch was Ms Moriarty.
Do you provide mortgages for Holmes? .... I'll get my deerstalker.

TRT said...

I knew a Robin Bastard once...