Sunday, July 26, 2015


Here's Ron. Here's Mrs Ron. The couple have been in repeated conflict with Virgin Media because somebody keeps using their account details to watch pornography to the tune of several hundred pounds, and nobody knows who's doing it.

It's obviously not Mrs Ron.

And it can't be Ron.

So it must be somebody else.

And - of course - they went to the court of the last resort to prove their innocence. That being the Manchester Evening News.

Poor Ron, for the camera always, always lies.

He's now everywhere on Twitter as a byword for somebody who is clearly innocent, but the lying camera says something else.

Let's clear poor old Ron's name.

Ron is innocent.

Justice for Ron.


Secret Traveller said...

Dirty dirty Ron

Pseudonymph said...

Poor Ron. Pron. Porn.
Say no more.

Hashi & RJ said...


Ole Phat Stu said...

Several hundred pounds of pornograohy?
Must be Yo Momma ;-)

Dioclese said...

Must be a cunt - doesn't he know you can get it for free????

Phreetuvu said...

So, that's what people who sign up for the Virgin Media 260+ Channel Package look like.

Mr Larrington said...

He done Ron Ron Ron
He done Ron Ron