Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Return of My Mixtape Hell - A Tale of Mirth and Woe

Some kind person has made me aware of this YouTube clip - Danny Baker reading out one of my finest tales of mirth and woe over the air on his late and much lamented BBC London show. The tale of my mixtape hell, which left me genuinely a-feared for my life.

And I'll go as far as saying that Baker is pretty much the only man on the planet who could do my 17-year-old voice any justice at all. He got the snivelling pretty much spot on.

It was - and still is - my finest hour.

And the story's true. Oh, so very true.


Andy Minshull said...

Great story and I agree with your comment about Danny's show, it was the best thing on BBC Radio London and possibly all of BBC radio

The Ranty Highwayman said...


Anonymous said...

utterly excellent!

Casanogo said...

The Secret Diary of Alistair Coleman, Aged 17¼.
You missed out there on a bestseller.