Sunday, September 27, 2015

Some pictures from a Florence + The Machine Concert

I went to a Florence + The Machine concert last week, and it was all rather enjoyable. In fact, that's such a solid quote, you can have that as a call-out quote on your next long-player, Flo.

"All rather enjoyable" --- The internet's Alistair Coleman

I took some pictures. They're on iPhone, so your mileage may vary. We start with the most important piece of kit at any concert:

The sound man has a kettle. I repeat: The sound man used a kettle to make himself a nice cup of tea.
She's in there, honest.
Fuck this person in particular
"They haven't aged a day. Einstein was right." ... "Einstein was probably one of them"
New York, London, Paris, Munich // Everybody talk about...
OK, I was miles back
Meanwhile, my daughter Hazel was at the very front and got this photo. This is what happens when you get to a gig six hours before the doors open.

Ooh, pretty
The messy aftermath. Also, I've found Wally
Pop music, eh? That was the third best gig I've ever been to. Up your game, Florence.

[Outisde, I was offered hooky merchandise, a prostitute and balloons of nitrous oxide within twenty yards of leaving the venue. London is aces. Weird and aces.]


branestawm said...

I think "Messy Aftermath" also deserves a Close Encounters tag line.

Maybe "She sent us four quavers, a group of five quavers, a group of four semiquavers".

Anonymous said...

"Taking over this!"

Mr Larrington said...

Long long ago, when Florence Welch had yet to reinvent herself as a flame-haired wossname, she was quite often to be seen behaving oafishly at the front of gigs by saarf Lunnon's finest ska-punk oiks The Ludes. Even then it was quite plain that the only person she fancied more than Ludes frontman Dave Ashby was herself.