Monday, January 25, 2016

In which Breaking Bad comes to Redfields Garden Centre in Church Crookham

To the local garden centre for a tea and scone in their ridiculously named Cafe Theatre (we've been there loads, and the acting is terrible, and everybody seems to be a chef). But that is by-the-by when this gentleman appears to the next row along:

If that's not Walter White out of Breaking Bad, I want to know who he is.

We looked and looked, but his terrible car wasn't in the car park.

"You heard. I want a nice Nissan Micra instead."


CDN said...

Maybe he came to Cook 'em?

rashbre said...

Are you sure they were regular scones?

Robin of Locksley said...

I think that's Mr.Stevens

Mr Larrington said...

My Sinister Agents tell me that once you got under the outlandish exterior the Pontiac Aztek was, by USAnia's admittedly low standards, not such a bad car after all. Too few people did get past the outlandish exterior for GM's beancounters to be satisfied, thobut.

Momad said...

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